Thursday, 16 October 2014

Wednesday 15th Oct

5.25 Nott
1pt Oscars journey  8/1 gen  9/1 lads  Won +8pts

5.35 Weth
1pt Dream flyer  14/1 gen  u/p

Today p/l +7pts
Month p/l +4.1pts

Tuesday 14th Oct

2.50 Hunt
1pt Milgen bay  bfsp  Won +3.42pts

3.40 Leic
2pt Loving spirit  13/2 boyles/pp  7/1 coral  u/p

3.50 Hunt
1pt The ould lad bfsp  2nd
1pt Red admirable  11/2 whill/vc/sky  u/p

5.35 Newc
1pt Orwellian  13/2 lads/365  Won 15/2 +7.5pts

Today p/l +6.92pts
Month p/l -2.9pts

Sunday 12th Oct

2.45 Ffos
1pt Cardigan island  11/1 365/sky/vc  3rd

3.40 Good,
1pt Duke of firenze  9/1 whill/365  u/p

3.55 Ffos
1pt Carole destrier 7/2 gen 4/1 cora  2nd

Today p/l -3pts
Month p/l -9.82pts

Saturday 11th Oct

4.55 Chep
2pt The happy warrior  13/2 whill/365  u/p

5.30 Chep
1pt Cloudy bob  25/1 whill/365  u/p
1pt Trafalgar  11/1 vc/sj  u/p

Today p/l -4pts
Month p/l -6.82pts

Friday 10th Oct

3.20 N/A
1pt Spirit D'armour   11/1 365/vc/whil  u/p

Today p/l -1pt
Month p/l -2.82pts

Thursday 9th Oct

3.10 Ayr
1pt Spirit of alsace   12/1 whill/365  u/p
2pt Saxonette  14/1 vc/coral  3rd

5.40 Ayr
2pt Pitt rivers  13/2 pp/lads  u/p  u/p

Today p/l -5pts
Month p/l -1.82pts

Wednesday 8th Oct

3.00 Lud
1pt My lad percy  8/1 gen  u/.p
1pt Market option 12/1 coral/lads  u/p

3.30 Lud
2pt Cash for steel  8/1 coral/vc  u/p

4.55 Nott
1pt Artful prince  7/1 gen  3rd

Today p/l -5pts
Month p/l +3.18pts